Saturday, June 29, 2013


I gave in and shaved my head last night. I wanted to shave it before Paula left for Europe, so she doesn't come back to a stranger.

Speaking of which...

Paula is my greatest source of comfort. I'm a little bit scared to be in this place without her. If anyone reading feels like coming over in the next three weeks to watch a movie or play a board game or whatever, that would be great. My energy levels wane from hour to hour, so it's possible I might be flakier than usual. Just a heads up.

I appreciate all of the visits and calls I've gotten so far. Each one keeps me well.

I was rather depressed today and it manifested physically in my nerves. I need to keep my thoughts positive and whatnot to keep my recovery progressing

I think I'll go to sleep now. Good night Internet.

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  1. Didn't mean for that picture to be all dramatic, I was just too busy lazy to lift my head off the pillow.