Monday, July 15, 2013

2nd base

Had my second chemo today. It went better than the first one. My least favorite part is the benadryl. I've always hated that drug, it makes me insane in an unfun way.

I sat for 7 hours this time, which was 3 hours shorter. I don't mind the waiting though, I've gotten good at it over the years. Plus, it's a chance to connect with my mom a little better. Being in a cancer center together encourages honesty. I'm actually learning who my mom is as an individual, independent of her role as mother. She's cool.

She was reading a book about how to be a mother to grownup children. So maybe she's not as stoked about the shift in our relationship. She's trying at least.

In less important news, I finally got a hat to cover my white head. It barely fits. It is the largest size they make and it squeezes my cranium vice-like. But I'm desperate for a head cover, so I'm keeping it for now.

Paula is still in Europe. The England part of Europe. I'm really glad I made peace with the disappointment. She's having a good time and it's well-deserved. I'll leave it at that. But I will say that I'm excited for her to get back not just because I miss her, but because I'm excited for our relationship. I feel like this ordeal, trivial as it might seem, has put some things in a wider perspective.

Thanks to everyone for reading. Feel free to ask questions. I don't promise to answer every question. Yes, my pubes are falling out too.


  1. How many total treatments do you need? Also, what is your address. If you don't want to post it here, just send me an email. tehkurt at gmail dot com

  2. Awesome update. The thing about the slayed me. Also "excited about a relationship" is like one of life's most amahhzing feelings--glad you're feeling that!

  3. Also, I kinda have the same curiosity as the person who commented above: how many treatments will you have? Is this treatment two out of six? Two out of 24? Is there radiation involved too?

  4. 2 down, 6 to go. There's a possibility of stopping earlier, but I'm not counting on it. Also, I might need maintenance doses every two months of one of the drugs (Rituxan). I'll be writing more about that soon.

  5. There's no radiation involved, thankfully; I think that would suck pretty bad.